A Few Reasons to Update Your Portrait

Some companies invest in professional portrait services or other photography services, and that’s a good idea. Not having this kind of photography on a web site can create a poor impression. But there’s another issue: companies can end up using these images long past their expiration dates.

Here are some of the best reasons for having professional and up-to-date images on your site.

Changes in Your Image

Simply put, people change their appearances over time. Taking a look at old portraits, you might notice that you’re wearing different and possibly outdated clothing. Any improvements you made to hairstyles or other aspects of how you look won’t be reflected in the old pictures. And at the end of the day, these pictures probably just don’t look like you.

Having updated pictures does a few things for your site — it gives a more consistent impression of who you are now, and it can also make you look more professional online.

Changes in Photography Trends

Photography equipment and technique also has changed quickly over the last few decades. Even ten years ago, the technology that was used wasn’t consistent with what’s being done today.

Old portraits can often look washed out, poorly lit, or otherwise less attractive for a web site. It’s a combination of when the pictures were taken, and how they were taken. But it’s fixable.

Want Better Than the Originals?

Getting the best photos on a page takes thought. Maybe the originals are okay, but you want something that really wows the crowds. Are your pictures and profile images enough? Are they welcoming and accommodating? Do they look attractive and professional?

It’s also a good idea to look at other visual aspects like skin-tone and eye tone.. Getting the right photo retouch in post processing will give you the right skin tone, and make your eyes sparkle like diamonds in the sky.

Working with WebSubstance

At WebSubstance, part of what we offer is professional photography services that bring professionalism to a site. We can help you to update old pictures or create a brand-new photo archive for landing pages and more. We work closely with our clients, using techniques in postproduction to optimize photos and make them look natural and friendly, as well as modern. We take the time to review your portraits and get your feedback, to get you just the right results.

Photography is one of the extras that we bring to the table as a web design company. When you get a brand-new web site, you don’t just want average photography, you want what’s good. Let us help you build your site visually to create a better impression.