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Boost Your Brand! Benefits Of SEO For Brand Awareness

In our work, we’ve found that there are quite a few secrets of the web that can help companies to really compete and thrive. Many of them are quite often misunderstood by people who haven’t worked on dozens or hundreds of websites, because some of this secret sauce comes with experience.

Anyway, let’s talk about this: some people feel like SEO is just a question of helping pages to rank on search engines.

In reality, it’s often much more than that – it ties into the company’s brand and its digital operations.

Let’s look at a few different aspects of this, and we’ll explain how SEO works to a brand’s benefit…

Working With Specialized Searches

In many cases, companies can use better SEO to rank for various long-tail keywords. That means when people are putting in more specific searches, they’re getting more access to your business, because you have more of a presence in what turns up.

For example, you might sell candles, but if you only rank for candles, you’re competing with all of the other candle makers out there.

If you have a long-tail keyword noting what the candles are made of, what they smell like, and/or how they are produced, you’re starting to get into that territory where specialized SEO can help your company to stand out in its niche, whatever that happens to be.

Clustering Keywords

Another aspect of this has to do with clustering keywords. As you build click keyword clusters, you’re building a kind of connecting tissue that’s going to help target your content, and get people more interested in your brand as they surf the web.

This sort of goes along with that last point on more detailed searches and better articulation of what your company does in its industry!

Targeting Content

The keywords will also help you to start targeting content better. You’ll be thinking more about the core operations – what your company does, and importantly, how and why it does it. You’re building all of this more deliberately into your site. You might use rich snippets or other strategies, like better backlinking, to get even more prominence online.

User Experience

Better SEO can also improve the user experience by bringing people more of what they’re looking for. In other words, having the right keyword analysis and targeting may mean that you’re getting more results to people who really weren’t that specific about their search.

To put it another way, your business is doing more of the heavy lifting involved in setting up those deeper relationships with customers.

The Icing on the Cake – Branded Keywords!

Now here’s another powerful part of using SEO to your advantage…

Let’s say that you started building up that candle business and creating better keywords with soy-based candles, hearty holiday scents, etc. But then you started putting your brand name into the keywords!

So you would have things like “back-country mountain candles” or “Jo’s candles in Virginia,” and those keywords themselves would be targeting your business, as opposed to someone else’s. And Google starts suggesting your brand keywords in the autocomplete predictions in the search box when one is searching candles.

That’s sort of the end dream for a lot of businesses – that as they establish more prominence and build their SEO and everything else, their brand gets associated with something. It becomes more of a household name. Your business may never be the next Pepsi-Cola or AT&T or Crest toothpaste, but it might just develop a name of its own that web surfers can hang their hats on.

And that will be a powerful engine for your online business.

For more, talk to WebSubstance about optimizing your online footprint. We help companies to really excel on the web – and it shows! We’ll talk to you about what you need to reach the next level on the web.