Break It Up: Page Loads Versus Interactive Content

Building a business website isn’t always as easy as you might imagine. There are serious decisions that business leaders have to make — and many of them really have an impact on web viewership, readership and other factors.

Having a meaningful website can really improve profit margins for a business. So many customer decisions now go on online that it makes sense to really put some investment into fixing up your web footprint and reaching out to your target audience through the web.

Rich Content Versus Fast Access: The Trade-Off

Here is an interesting question that many of our clients try to solve when they improve or expand a website.

It’s important to have fast loading pages – otherwise, people will get frustrated and leave the site. This is especially important since a lot of people may be using old infrastructure and slow Internet service, which means pages with even moderate content can take a long time to load. Additionally, Google does not favor a website which is heavy and slow to download.

However, it can also help to put a lot of rich interactive features on your site. Your customers who have blazing fast Internet and a new computer will often become more engaged and participate better if you offer them things like multimedia, web forms and video graphics. So you are really marketing to a diverse crowd of people.

The Solution – Deliberate Web Delegation

Here is how we approach this problem — by segmenting your web content, you can serve both kinds of customers at the same time.

One principle is to keep the rich content off of landing pages. People will be happy when they get to the site quickly, and are able to orient themselves with a menu that shows those tabs like “about” and “contact.”

In the indexed pages in the menu, you can put specific tools online that appeal to your higher-tech audience. One particular bonus is that you can easily label these tools so that people know what they’re getting into, instead of just happening upon a page that has some kind of interactive tool embedded in it (and maybe cursing their slow browser.)

The Importance of Mobile Design

Along with these kinds of sophisticated web builds, any business also has to consider responsive design for mobile devices as people are fast shifting to mobile browsing. More of what we do and what we buy is happening through smartphones. Businesses have to design a website to fit a smaller screen and be accessible through the smartphone’s touchscreen. Otherwise, they’re losing out on massive amounts of business.

WebSubstance can help with all of these important concerns. Our professionals know how to create that balance and drive higher volumes of traffic to your website over time. That translates into dollars, and solid customer relationships. Talk to WebSubstance about a long-term game plan for your Internet outreach, to stay competitive in a quickly evolving digital world.