Browser Isolation: Check Hackers at the Door

Today’s cybersecurity world is simply buzzing with volatility. Many experts talk about the rapid “cybersecurity arms race” between hackers and malicious actors and those entrusted to protect network systems and resources from the black hat crowds able to assault systems through a globally connected Internet.

With that in mind, business leaders and others are paying a lot of attention to some of the most modern, cutting-edge forms of cybersecurity out there. Limiting risk is the name of the game, partly because a data breach is so enormously expensive to a company, and partly because it creates a sense fo district in the consumer markets.

The Challenge: Keeping Bad Stuff Out

Executives worry about virus scripts, malware and other bad stuff getting inside of the network. In the past, many companies have used simple perimeter security to stop bad packets from getting past a firewall – but in today’s digital context, where is the perimeter? Tightening security too much impedes performance – so engineers and vendors developing third party products really have to walk a fine line.

But with newly available technologies, there are things that security pros can do to “sort out” some of the dangerous traffic and let the good stuff in, while keeping the bad stuff out.

Containment with Browser Isolation

Browser isolation is the idea of taking one of the most dangerous end user activities, surfing the Internet, and separating it from core network activity. Isolating the browser experience can help to dramatically decrease risk for a business.

The strategy itself is as brilliant as it is simple: you want to shield an internal network from any dangerous files or packets that users encounter – so why not put their browser sessions in a “virtual cage” and let them click away, with systems that can observe whether a virus or piece of malware is present before connecting the browser session to core apparatus.
Think of it as conducting a browser session in a “vestibule” instead of inside the castle proper. Then, after everything has been sanitized and evaluated, the data can enter.

Browser isolation is revolutionizing the ways that companies can allow workers, customers or anyone else to use key Internet-based tools easily, while still keeping a lid on virus and malware threats.

As we’ve mentioned, this is a complex and emerging cybersecurity technology system – so every business has its own questions to answer about what makes sense on the web. Let WebSubstance help you to grow your business safely and use the best practices for responsive web design, to:

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