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Case Study: Northern Virginia Pediatrics Associates, P.C.


Northern Virginia Pediatric Associates, P.C. (NVPA), founded by Dr. James H. Stallings, has been a beacon of child care in Falls Church City since 1975. With a team of experienced pediatricians and support staff, they are committed to ensuring children’s holistic growth and well-being. However, despite their renowned expertise and dedication, the digital age posed challenges in optimizing their online presence and patient experience.


  1. Outdated Website Design: The website needed to be updated to current design standards. The outdated design potentially affected user experience and failed to accurately represent their quality of service.
  2. Inefficient Patient Onboarding: Registering new patients and managing their data was time consuming and performed manually.
  3. Lack of Visual Representation: The practice needed professional photographs to showcase their team, facilities, and the warmth they bring to pediatric care.


  1. Website Design & Maintenance: WebSubstance performed a complete overhaul of the NVPA website, giving it a modern, user-friendly design that reflected their professionalism and ensured easy navigation for visitors.
  2. Advanced Online Forms: We designed several online forms, including the “Patient Registration Form” and “Telehealth Consent Form.” Notably, the new patient application form was enhanced with checklists for common conditions and insurance card scanning features, streamlining the check-in process and reducing wait times.
  3. Photography: WebSubstance took professional photographs on location, capturing the practice essence, the team’s dedication, and the state-of-the-art facilities, and featured them on the website in order to deliver prospective patients a visual insight into the practice.


  1. Enhanced Online Presence: The revamped website, coupled with fresh, professional photographs, significantly improved the practice’s online image, thus attracting more visitors and potential patients.
  2. Streamlined Patient Experience: With the advanced online forms, new patients found registering and providing necessary details easier, leading to a smoother onboarding experience. Existing patients also benefitted from online forms like “Prescription Refill and Order,” ensuring they received timely care without unnecessary delays.
  3. Increased Efficiency: The practice reported a marked reduction in administrative tasks related to patient onboarding, leading to more focused patient care and improved overall efficiency.


By understanding the unique challenges faced by Northern Virginia Pediatric Associates, P.C., WebSubstance was able to tailor a digital marketing services to their needs. The results speak for themselves: a modern online presence, streamlined patient experiences, and an efficient administrative process. At WebSubstance, we’re proud to have played a part in their digital transformation journey.


Northern Virginia Pediatrics

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We have been working with WebSubstance for 15+ years!  Jenny and her team ensured the vision we had for our website became a reality. In addition to our website, we have worked on various projects throughout the years. They are always extremely professional, quick to respond, easy to work with and continuously look for ways to keep our site up to date and “fresh”. Definitely top-notch service and design. I highly recommend them for all your marketing needs.

Lynn Campbell
Practice Manager