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Digital Twinning – A New Approach

Sometimes things change in ways that you don’t anticipate – or, sometimes, change happens without you really realizing it. There’s been a lot of change in the web design world within the past 10 years – even within the past three to five years! But too many companies just don’t understand how things have changed.

From a very basic glance, things look kind of the same. It can be hard for executives and leaders to really understand how to get the best state-of-the-art website in play today – because so many of the pioneering technologies are so new.

Today we’re going to talk about one approach this revolutionized web design. It’s called digital twinning.

What is Digital Twinning?

Digital twinning happens when a company decides to build a digital replica of some physical or organizational structure. It doesn’t necessarily make tangible things intangible – many digital twinning setups revolve around documenting the moving parts of a business or business process.

Here’s an easy example – a company is made of people, places and things. It’s made of job roles, products or services, and workflows. On a very broad level you have things like offices, workstations and units of production.

All of those things can be documented with a digital twinning approach, where planners make a digital icon or component to correlate to something in the some element of the business. Digital twinning can reveal what’s happening in the supply chain, document inventory, or show how stakeholders work together to deliver services. It’s a kind of “enterprise data visualization” that can be useful in operations – or in web design!

Relating Digital Twinning to Web Design

The reason digital twinning is so popular is that it provides a unique birds-eye view to a user or outside observer. Everything is neatly organized and labeled and documented in a digital twinning initiative. This is extremely helpful for web design – say you have a website with a blog, about us and contact pages, text and images on the landing page, extra resources etc.

When all of these things are neatly labeled in a digital twin setup, it’s much easier for all of the stakeholders to work with them. That’s why we often talk about a site map or basic mockup – but digital twinning can go a little further, and document more of how businesses compete on the web.

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