Does Your ‘Platform’ Make a Difference in Web Design?

When it’s time to create a web site, there are lots of decisions to be made. These days, companies and other site creators have a lot of options for creating smoothly styled and user-friendly sites.

User-friendly Web Site Creation

Different strategies offer easy ways to do web design. Planners want intuitive controls on the back end, a logical relationship between the back end and the front end, and transparent ways to monitor the site for traffic and more.

Basically, companies want web surfers to be able to go in and access all parts of the site without having to scroll around or click around in confusion. They want an “intuitive” site that is welcoming and accommodating, even for people who have not grown up around computers. But all of this takes detailed work and dedication. These kinds of web sites don’t write themselves. They rely on professional design objectives and experienced webmasters doing in-depth work to create a good site, the way an architect designs a livable and comfortable home.

Creating the Right Impression

Another issue with web design is the visual impression that a site will make. This is another aspect of the industry where there’s fierce competition in terms of offering customers what they want. With new technologies for consistent page creation, web designers are able to really put together sites that look professional and that make a client look good.

Using Web Platforms

Finding the right programming environment for a web site can be challenging. This is where companies often have a hard time figuring out the path toward creating those results that they need.

Skilled vendors, on the other hand, have worked with a variety of ‘platforms.’ They know how to choose the ones that will make the most sense for a particular project, and even more important, how to tailor the chosen resource toward the client’s needs and objectives.

Working with WebSubstance — Getting Targeted Results

At WebSubstance, our expert designers know how to use a given platform to get the best result. We will help you look through design schematics and listen to your ideas about what you need, not just for landing pages that shine, but for actual site functionality that you can use to keep in touch with customers, streamline sales processes and much more. That’s why we ask about a client’s “three to five year plan” in terms of goals, to match those with what we design.

We understand why platforms offer the tools that they do, and how companies can use them to get superior web sites built. We’ll also help with extras like strategic content writing and other kinds of planning for a site. Let us help to create the best web impressions for reaching an audience and growing a business over time.