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Doing More With Marketing – A Guide For Growing Businesses (1 of 3)

Maybe you sense that your company could be doing more with marketing – but how?

Suppose the company needs a more sophisticated web presence and the ability to tie that marketing back to traditional efforts. In that case, your business could be losing out.

These are the days of multichannel marketing – businesses are looking at every single venue for reaching customers and making lists, looking into the data points and business intelligence that will help them to do the most for their ad dollars.

Part of that involves beefing up the company’s digital impact, giving the brand a web presence, and ensuring its value propositions are well represented online.

A Big Internet

In that context, digital marketing results can vastly outperform traditional methods.

You might have a good bit of local word-of-mouth, but the business may not scale well without an online footprint. When you add these online channels, you’re opening your business up to an audience many thousands of times larger than any you can find locally.

Benefits of Online Multichannel Marketing

Some of the benefits for companies that develop better online marketing include:

Better customer targeting – targeting your audience means you’re pushing attention and dollars toward people more likely to engage with your business or purchase something.

Sales funnel approach – you can also use individual online strategies to promote the idea of a sales funnel. Here, you will create a customer journey with multiple touchpoints where you can gently push customers toward conversion!

Save money – online marketing can also save enormous sums of money. A good piece of online collateral or literature can replace a lot of the efforts of a traveling salesperson, which are typically expensive.

Market Globally and Target Precisely

Some people describe this new online marketing strategy as broad-spectrum outreach and more precise tools to narrow the field.

For instance, you’ll reach thousands of people if you have a good online presence. Still, by classifying users into different groups, you can figure out how to put your biggest effort toward the most interested people.

That’s a little bit about how this type of business works today. Let WebSubstance help your business conquer its market domain and develop a high-powered Internet presence that will drive sales and profit. In subsequent posts, we’ll review some of the best tips for businesses to grow and expand on the Internet.