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Doing More With Marketing – A Guide For Growing Businesses (2 of 3)

Tips for Business Leaders on Digital Marketing

 What can a business do to really compete in today’s fast-paced business world and competitive marketplace?

 Let’s talk about some strategies that support good business outcomes regarding online marketing. Companies are figuring out that they need to do these things to access a larger audience and drive better conversion processes.

Here are some ways to make this work: 

The Online Focus

 First of all, it’s a good idea to take stock and think about all of the channels available to the business. Then take a look at your balance of traditional and online marketing. What comprises the bigger part of your marketing spend? And what’s most effective? 

 It’s important to realize that the majority of customers are now making purchases online. Just a few years ago, the numbers were different, but with smartphones and mobile devices, as well as enormous e-commerce retailers and a host of smaller online shops, so much of what we buy through online transactions that it makes sense to take another look continually. Factor that into your marketing strategy and do the required upgrades. 

Competitor Research

 Business intelligence is your friend in this type of marketing campaign.

 You want to know what competing businesses are doing to reach potential customers and then bring that information and use it for your strategy. Experts talk about “business intelligence” or “BI,” which can take many forms. Some research is intuitive: you can look at the numbers and see what’s happening. Other components are more data-driven. But putting in the work is imperative. 

 Analytics and predictive research plays a big role here, too. Some companies even delve into game theory to understand how well they will likely do with specific market changes and pivots in marketing and advertising campaigns. 

Promote Easy Customer Engagement

 You’ll also want to be accessible to your customers, which means strong customer service and other engagement tools.

 Some people talk about brand ambassadors and influencers – people who have converted to become customers and then gotten excited about continuing a relationship with the brand. 

Opportunities to attract these kinds of people include: 

  • Online contests
  • Surveys
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Coupons
  • Games


All of these types of extras have the capacity to get you better brand awareness and visibility.

 Let WebSubstance help you to develop a game plan for good business in the 21st century. The added firepower is likely to take your business to the next level, which really positions your teams for success in the years to come.