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Doing More With Marketing – A Guide For Growing Businesses (3 of 3)

More Tips for Business Leaders on Digital Marketing

In our last post, we reviewed three big business tips for online marketing and conversion.

Here are three more that are important in today’s business world.

Approach Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Most companies are familiar with outbound marketing – it involves efforts to contact a person to get them to buy something.

Conventional telemarketing is an excellent example. But it’s also not how the world works anymore, to a great extent. People are wary of outbound marketing attempts. That means companies will want to temper their existing outbound strategies with others that involve a more passive approach.

Inbound marketing means that the potential customer progresses toward the business on their own rather than as a result of proactive outreach. Sometimes that kind of passive positioning makes sense, especially where the “hard sell” has been shown to be somewhat ineffective.

Content creation is a significant strategy for inbound marketing. The person who may later become a customer takes the action to go to a website and read or download a piece of information.

Embracing this idea can help businesses get further in a new era where so much of what business is involves online models.

Identify and Reach Target Audiences

Online and digital marketing also involves new ways to target an audience.

Businesses build customer profiles and look at the data to try to isolate the people they most want to reach. That may involve using new customer relationship management (CRM) software tools, or A/B testing, or other means, many of which are new and high-tech, based on the big data revolution.

This is a powerful part of modern marketing and something to pay attention to!

Doing More with Less Money

There’s also a potential windfall of cost savings in online and digital models, some of which are evident in both capex and opex budgeting.

Think about how little you’ll spend on a piece of online content that can attract customers better than a traveling salesperson. Then tally up the expenses that sales travel generates – transportation, hotels, meals, etc.

The result will be clear – digital and online marketing brings incredible return on investment.

Those are some more of the tips business leaders can use to win on the Internet. Let WebSubstance help you to build the online footprint you need!