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Five of the Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business

We know that businesses these days have a lot of digital and online channels to choose from in marketing. But how do they use them according to best practices, and how do you get the most out of what you have?

Check out these five tips for effective digital marketing, and you’ll likely put your business in a more favorable position for growth. These types of planning are really a big deal. Many managers and business leaders who have seen growth and expansion can testify to that. 

 1. Targeting Audiences

 First and foremost, you want to make sure that you’re engaging your customers in the best way possible. That means knowing who your audience is and speaking their language – ensuring you have an excellent cultural fit with the people likely to buy your product or utilize your service.

 There’s a technology angle to this, too. Everything from live chat to recommendation engines is built with audience targeting and engagement in mind. So when choosing tech tools, a marketing stack, and onboarding materials – choose wisely!

Another key tip is to build the right partnerships that give you the brand visibility you want with the people you need in your tent. We’ll talk more about that later. 


2. Audit and Assess Your Marketing Assets and Processes

 Another thing you want to do regularly is figure out what you’re doing with available marketing assets.

 That includes a website, sure, but it also includes digital media accounts, social media accounts, apps where your business has a presence, and everything else you use daily. 

 Planning and assessment go a long way in this part of your marketing world. Know where everything is, and you’ll have a leg up on the competition.  

3. Develop (and Track) Purpose and Narrative

 Here’s another central idea that many marketers use in coming up with a comprehensive strategy. 

Make sure that everything has a purpose – that you’re creating things around a narrative. Don’t just go by empty numbers, but build your castle on the foundation of storytelling around your brand! 

4. Review and Refer

 This part of the process is where you “do your homework”, so to speak, and make numbers work for you. 

Stay away from vanity metrics and get to the numbers that matter the most to your business. Look beyond rote benchmarking and get more deeply into the meat of your business data.  

5. Brand Build in Channels, Deliberately

 Another corollary tip is always to assess which channels work best for marketing for your business and migrate to where the action is. Is your Facebook page a powerhouse? Or can you attract more customers with neat widgets on your web page? What about email? Well … what about it? 

In addition to all these necessary types of planning, you want to be sure that your website, as a core asset, is doing its best for you daily. Let WebSubstance, an experienced online and digital growth consultant, help your business reach the next level!