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Five Ways To Optimize User Experience

Today, new technology has businesses doing all kinds of new and powerful things in terms of marketing and sales. Companies that don’t invest in modernizing their digital and online channels often fall behind.

Part of that effort involves building and optimizing UX. So, first of all, what is UX?

User experience or UX is a user’s combined experience as they navigate through all of your business’s digital and online platforms. It’s the look and feel of your channels when people interact with your business online. Or on a mobile phone.

So, how do you make sure that your user experience is the best it can be?

Here are five fundamental tips for driving better UX across the board.


First of all, systems should be immediately accessible to users. Poorly constructed pay walls or labyrinthine sign-on processes are examples of obstacles that should be avoided in designing a good UX. Things should be streamlined and flow well for the user.


Another major part of designing a good UX involves a healthy dose of visual context.

That’s part of the ‘flow’ of an online system – what people can see as they navigate their way around a site or other environment.

The visuals will be part of your UX engine, so they are essential to planning.


This may go along with accessibility, but it’s essential to have deep resources available for users who want to look below the surface at what your company provides. Having resources that are well-designed and in the right place is extremely important for UX as well.

Make Channels Match

In general, your online channels need to be set up in a way that drives a good experience for customers. One part of that is making the channels match. Users can get confused When they experience radically different things on different channels. Here’s a side note to go along with this – it’s crucial to always advertise big changes. Otherwise, these fundamentally confuse users and take away from their UX.

Website is a Core Asset

This might be the most critical rule for UX. It’s this – people will visit your company’s website to see what your business has to offer. So when they get there, what they encounter is extremely important!

There are all kinds of best practices for designing a website that provides a good user experience. Some of them have to do with visuals, as we mentioned above, and with controls. Some have to do with the user being able to complete transactions. Others have to do with different engagement activities or cross-channel collaboration.

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