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Well, what do you know? Google went and changed things up once again.

There’s a big change coming to Google SERP results. Along with the messing around with its ranking algorithms, the search engine giant is now changing the ways that ads will show up on Google results pages. So what does this mean for a business online ad campaign? Here are some of the ways that the sudden change is likely to affect company efforts.

The Change-up

Instead of running text ads on the right, Google will put more text ads above the organic listings area, and three more text ads at the bottom of the SERP page. That means a maximum of seven ads. The right rail area will be filled with product listing ad blocks and knowledge panels.

Here’s part of what’s likely to be in store for marketers.

Higher Click Through Rates for Some Ads

One of the likely outcomes is that ads will enjoy a lot more attention than they would have had on the right hand side of the site. Analysts have seen the click through rate for ads on top exceeds right rail ads by about 1400%. The fact that there won’t be as many ads can also improve the average position of ads – because, as some put it, although there are “more ads on top” there are overall fewer ads on the page.

Interest in PPC Auctions

Now that there will be fewer ads on a page, there’s likely to be more bidding for PPC, because brands have to share the same positions. By shrinking the footprint of the page, Google is putting pressure on some types of pay per click campaigns and that will be one change we’ll see coming out of this new strategy.

Stress on SEO

Experts also point out that the new change can be devastating to organic search.

That means the “simple SEO” is going to come under more pressure, and be augmented with things like image and video formats, knowledge graphs, rich media and other implementations that will get brands and pages more prominence.

Big Attention for High-Position Ads

Ads in some of the top positions will get a bigger share of the attention. For example, experts showed how positions 3 and 4 on the SERP page will see big click through rates and lots of value in the new Google environment.

These are some of the ways that Google’s changes are going to craft a marketing atmosphere around best practices for SEO, PPC and other kinds of .

Reacting to these kinds of changes requires a sophisticated and subtle approach., companies have to know how to “roll with the punches” and change their advertisements and web pages in ways that work to their advantage.

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