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Highlighting People and Processes

“What are the biggest elements of your business? Probably the people you employ, and the processes that they work on every day. Promote both of these with a full-featured web site that really makes your company look good….”

A good web site should really represent your company well, and make everything that’s involved in your business look good. But how do you start that design? What are the things that you need in a professional web site to draw in readers and achieve success in your field?

In the past, you may have heard that it’s important to highlight your products and services. And it is. But this isn’t where the designer’s job ends. You have to have high-quality catalog pages and other resources to show off what your company offers, but you can also get a lot further with both short-term and long-term customer relationships by having online resources that show off other parts of your business.

Show Off Your People

Some of the best web sites for service companies and companies with an e-commerce component have vibrant, high functioning pages that provide high quality images, bios and other information about individual workers. Whether your people are salaried or paid hourly, or even contracting, having names and faces along with background information online can draw in potential customers. People feel well served by these aspects of the site — they feel like they know the stakeholders and who’s involved, and they get a kind of virtual introduction before they ever pick up the phone.

Show Off Your Processes

Some of the newest wisdom in the retail world and other business communities is that your company really stands out when you can show and tell people about how you accomplish what you do.

For example, a high-quality print shop will show off its in-house equipment, such as large banner printers, in high-quality online information pages. A cleaning company might provide step-by-step pages that show how professionals work on properties.

These kinds of virtual conversations give people confidence in your firm. In a world where so many companies have drab, plain web sites, having yours stand out in these ways can really be a springboard to higher conversion rates, and more success in your community.

WebSubstance can help you develop a web site that can do all of these things — highlighting products, people and processes for more response from your target audiences. We help with the core design and programming work, along with all of those value-added extras like photography, excellent content writing, and the setup of consistent platforms that will preserve your particular style across your entire web site. Let us work with you to make your company site a winner.