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Is Your Web Site Linked to Your Sales Funnel?

In the past, we’ve talked about a lot of the basics involved in setting up a good-looking and functional website.

You need good layout, good content and a consistent color scheme, among other things. Professional photography and extra Google research can help.

But what about your operational sales model? Not all companies closely tie their web design principles to the principles that they use in the real world to achieve sales goals. When you do this, you start to see a kind of synergy that can really promote a better web footprint for your business.

Capable Branding

Yes, you may have the company’s name carefully placed on your website, and the right domain name in hand, but comprehensive branding is more than that. If you have any kind of slogans or other markers for particular sales strategies, those need to be baked into the website design.

For example, say you hire a number of high-powered content writers to produce great thought leadership content, but it doesn’t mention your brand at all. Always think about how the website elements tie back into the branding visibility that you want for the business.

Changes in Sales Evolution

You also want to make sure that the website is fresh and updated to reveal what’s happening off-line.

Most retail companies, for example, offer routine sales and discounts as a way to engage customers. They might engage in direct marketing or some other way to reward customer loyalty or bring in a new target audience. But if this isn’t integrated into the website, not everybody is going to get the memo.

Whether it’s in the landing page or the shopping cart, this information is critical for a comprehensive build that provides the customer experience that you want. It’s all about directing the customer’s journey on the web, to keep them as engaged with the brand as possible.

Always Be Tracking

Here’s another little secret that many companies have not quite latched onto yet – your website is a great opportunity to take the temperature of your sales funnel.

A tool called Net Promoter Scores is one of the most popular ways that this is done. Companies embed an NPS pop-up in the website at a critical pressure point – for instance, on the first one or two menu clicks off of the landing page. They then get the customer responses and tabulate them, and formulate strategies from there. You can read a lot more about this here and it’s something that a lot of companies are pursuing because NPS enhances their sales funnel – it’s an online strategy that can be a fantastic plug-and-play for your web footprint.

These are some of the starting principles that will help your company to optimize its investment in the World Wide Web. WebSubstance can help to fine-tune all of these strategies and much more, and get your business on the track to new heights.