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Local SEO for Achieving Your Business Goal

How do you make sure that you’re reaching your goals in online engagement? How do you fine-tune your outreach to customers who are using computers and smartphones to research businesses and make purchases?

One of the biggest elements in modern marketing methods is local SEO. Local search engine optimization is a modern version of the process of trying to rank your site highly on Google or some other search engine. It’s different than the SEO of the old days!

Today, local SEO has more to do with being visible in your local community than it does with generic top-page rankings.

Local SEO is becoming more and more important, though, because people are using local methods and local channels to find information and solutions. Software engines that deliver “(something) near me” or mappable business results on a smartphone are prime examples of this.

Businesses simply need this kind of visibility in order to compete!

What Goes Into Local SEO?

Local SEO is a lot more about completing business profiles and using specific tools than it is about keywords.

First of all, there are a raft of solutions related to Google My Business (GMB) and others related to the NAP (name address phone) profile that your business needs to have registered online.

Geo-tagging is another element. Businesses can also practice link building, and build their social media presence, which is valuable in local SEO. Linking your website to a Facebook page, for example, is a best practice.

In these types of digital marketing, there’s a sort of ‘rich snippets’ strategy that goes along with this, where you want to make sure to have updated hours and opening information and driving direction to your business in the right place, so that when smartphone users do a search, they come up with accessible information about your business.

Challenges and Opportunities

One of the challenges you might find in your business area is that it’s an intensely segmented suburban area around a compact city.

With that in mind, businesses must rank for various different neighborhoods and adjacent communities. Using local SEO might mean connecting to various places like Falls Church, Tysons Corner, Woodbridge or others nearby if you are doing business in Northern Virginia.

That might mean a little more legwork when it comes to fleshing out local SEO in places like Google My Business, but in the end, that work will pay off.

What WebSubstance Can Do For Your Business

WebSubstance is a local SEO agency that can help your business to cover the waterfront on everything from rich snippets to business profiles.

We can take a comprehensive approach to develop your local SEO strategy and make sure that nothing is left undone that could boost your business in terms of local and community visibility.

Through looking at every aspect of local SEO and developing detailed checklists, we put our clients in a unique position of advantage when it comes to online visibility in their business areas.

Talk to WebSubstance about getting the local SEO results that you need.