How to Make Digital Marketing Fun in Zoom Meeting, a collage of photos of a robot and a robot in a living room and a robot in a kitchen, in a Zoom meeting

Making Digital Marketing Fun

As you’re diving into your overall web strategy, don’t overlook one important aspect of how you reach your audiences.

Make it fun!

Listen, in these trying days, people are stuck indoors with their devices. They don’t want to do research with a notepad, or scan through dense paragraphs to find exactly the right statistic – for the most part. Maybe some people geek out on a particular industry, but the other 95% of your audience is probably just tired from wrangling kiddos and trying to work remotely and apply for financial assistance during any given day. In most cases, when they do have down time, they would rather engage with a fun contest or game, or something they can show to their family and friends digitally, since they can’t see them face-to-face. This is a great chance for your business to help out by giving people a creative outlet – making a game out of engagement!

Meeting People Where They Are

That’s what the principle of gamification is all about. Take a look at some examples of companies that tie marketing to neat promotional games or challenges. Some of these utilize visual puzzle dashboards or other setups to attract audiences. Here’s another really interesting example from the small business world – local businesses during the coronavirus lockdowns are making DIY at-home challenges that have to do with their business – for example, a bakery directing an at-home bake-off. Does creating an at-home challenge sell product? Maybe- and maybe not – but even if it doesn’t sell any product at all, that’s not really the point. It’s more about giving back to your community in a positive way, and that’s worth a lot in terms of digital marketing value (it’s also a great thing to do for other people!) This brilliant strategy helps keep people engaged, and also gives them something to do – it’s fun. Contact us today for more information regarding our digital marketing strategies!