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New Year, New Web Site … More Cowbell!

So by now you’ve probably worked off that champagne at the gym, and you’re on your way to implementing all of those great New Year’s resolutions you made just weeks ago – but what about New Year’s resolutions for your web projects?

January can be a time to take a quick look at your web site and see if anything needs improved or updated. Sure, maybe there’s nothing “wrong” with your site, but a few easy tweaks or a little redesign may make it a lot more effective, especially as a lot of consumer trends and IT issues continue to change with the changing of the calendar.

Web Site: Photography and the “Winds of Change”

One great place to update your web project is where you need to visualize people, processes, or any kinds of data to an audience.

For example, maybe you are a career professional advertising your own services, or you have an office full of rock stars that you want to promote on the web. Or you’re showing off products. Using stock photos is taking a back seat. It’s the easy way, but it just doesn’t replace getting a good set of professional and unique pictures done. Updating your photography does a number of things for your web site. It brings you into the new year, so that when you or anyone else looks at the site, the viewer is seeing the reality right now. It also allows you to get a second chance at elements like composition and lighting that really make a difference.

Web Functionality

Another place to take a second look at your web site is in the code. Your web site might just need a little bit of something new.

All the time, businesses are scrambling for better web functionality — they may have implemented new data centers, new cloud computing services, new automated processes or new customer outreach initiatives, all of which may include a need for new widgets or functionality additions to a public web page. You just need professional programmers and designers to get in there and do what they do, building a new space within your web site to help you do more in 2015.

What Should a Modern Web Site Have?

Tech professionals understand the “secret sauce” that makes high-performing web sites so successful. First, a good site has to have responsive design – it has to “play well” on any device and any browser. Superior web sites also need great content – there has to be a hook there, something that gives viewers a reason to visit – and stay. Other vital components to get and keep web traffic include SEO for visibility, and blogging to keep readers engaged and active.

At WebSubstance, we can help you with all of the above, along with comprehensive marketing for your site that will really add to your existing campaigns – we’re all about helping you to optimize your web site. Our skilled team of ‘Internet surgeons’ knows how to slice and dice with HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets and other web technologies to get in there and make your web site the best that it can be. Ask us about special deals and opportunities to get work done to your sites this year!