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SEO: Predictions For 2023

What’s happening with SEO, content and online website creation in 2023? Here are some of our predictions and trends that you can expect in creating the desired online footprint for a business in the new year.

Content is King

One thing that we think you’re going to see is cuts in other kinds of channels beyond a company’s own internal website. In other words, more of an internal focus – a regrouping of sorts to deal with real and profound changes in marketing realities. For so long, many companies have been quite outward-facing – building a bare skeleton of a website, and then trying to market things off-site, primarily on social media. But Google’s algorithms are promoting more of a cohesive and strong web build, and that’s part of what is driving companies to look more internally. They’re starting to realize that their own website will have more power if they invest in it. At the same time, other channels are proving less effective, as with Facebook-now-Meta’s first-time user decline this year.


Another big thing that’s coming down the pike is image optimization, and in many cases, investment in better quality images. Again, companies have made a practice of trying to use stock photos that are open source, or using inferior photos, or not using enough photos on a site. They also have not invested in proper image tagging and integration, which is going to improve the site build in ways that Google will notice, and human readers will also appreciate.

The Power of Organics

Another thing we’ll see is a continuing shift toward natural and organic content and search. Part of Google’s artificial intelligence process is showing how user metrics will determine a site’s ranking and quality. In other words, the platform is looking more carefully at actual user outcomes – how much time people are spending on a site, and making decisions that way. There is also likely to be a shift toward more longtail keywords, partly because search has to be optimized in some way. With a short SEO keyword, you don’t really know how to break down the user’s intent further – whereas longtail keywords provide that detailed and granular approach that webmasters are going to benefit from.

Forecasting and Dashboards

We’re also likely to see a whole lot of operational forecasting tools and visual dashboards for making things more reportable and digestible to decision-makers. People are trimming marketing budgets and trying to do more with less. Sales and marketing teams need the best insights and the best efficiencies to compete. That’s a little bit about the reality in 2023. Let WebSubstance help you to craft the best strategy for your business.