Sites as Good as Your Brochures

Lots of companies spend big money on print media, from brochures to full-sized mailers, but their sites just don’t look quite as good, they don’t have that pizzazz. Get the best “glossy” high-design web site quality from WebSubstance –> This is so true and a lot of stuff will go online so the company needs to look good from head to toes (content, layout, navigation, etc.), the entire package.

Have you ever gotten a set of brochures or mailers back from the printer and just been blown away by the beauty of what you see on the page?

If you have a halfway good print service, you’ve probably marveled at all of the ways that print shops can make your company look good. Unfortunately, too many executives and business leaders haven’t got the memo that the Internet offers the very same kinds of opportunities.

Too many websites look robotic or bureaucratic. They may be shrouded in various tones of gray, purple or blue. Images can be small and grainy. They just don’t look like places you’d really want to be.

One of the biggest defenses of this is that ‘text takes center stage’ — people without a visual philosophy of the web feel like people are just scanning the Internet looking for information, and they don’t care what pages look like.
But at a very basic level, this just doesn’t really make sense. Do you just throw shrink-wrapped pallets in a warehouse, turn on the lights and invite customers in, because they’re only looking for specific kinds of products anyway? No, you make your stores look inviting and comfortable. That same principle can help you win at the web.

A ‘Glossy’ Web Site

Some of what we like the most about print media is how you can print high-resolution, bright, glossy pages of photos, where every face seems to be almost staring out at you in real life, where you can see the crisp contours of nature scenes, portraits, landscapes etc. almost as if you were right there.

Getting the same kinds of results on the web requires several things. First, you need a great photographer. No, not just somebody with the camera. The kind of person that you tap on the shoulder to take shots at your wedding. Someone who knows how to do composition just the right way, and capture little pieces of the world through the camera screen.

Then you need a web service and a set of web technologies that will display those awesome pictures the right way, utilizing the very advanced pixelation and color capabilities of our modern computer and mobile device screens. All of this together adds up to the kind of serene beauty you’d associate with some of the best print pages you’ve ever read.

Quality from Head to Toe

In addition to great photography, your site needs quality on all levels. It needs to look great, not just okay, and it has to work great too. This means excellent text layout (and dressing up text with creative fonts)  as well as image composition. It means great navigation tools that customers won’t have to fiddle around with. It means no empty text boxes, weird control buttons in the wrong places, annoying web errors or dark text, or anything else that you’d associate with the primitive web designs of the 1990s.

Working with WebSubstance

At WebSubstance, we take a comprehensive approach to your web design. We make your web sites inviting places to be, sites that look as good as a well-designed brochure. We also offer this extra services that are going to really make your web sites take on a ‘human’ dimension — for example, the kind of professional photography you need to make your face, or anything else, jump up off the Internet through the browser screen.

Don’t settle for web sites that are just repositories of information. Get a web site that shows and tells your audience what you want them to know, in a way that they’ll enjoy, so that they keep coming back for more.