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Six Tips For Great Customer Reviews

How do you get the best customer reviews for your business? And also, what do these reviews actually do for your company?

In so many ways, good reviews are a foundation for conversion and profit. People use them the same way they used to use other forms of word-of-mouthbut the reviews are usually online, or connected to digital platforms, so they may get a much bigger reach.

Anyway, when someone is willing to offer a glowing review of your products and services online, this is extremely valuable, whether you call them an influencer, a net promoter, or anything else.

So, let’s look at some of the top ways to get more good reviews for your business…

Use All Available Channels Well

Your business probably has a Facebook page, or a Google business profile, or a presence on Yelp or some other review site. However, you can also solicit reviews through other digital channels, such as TikTok, YouTube, Glassdoor, or Instagram.

There are so many channels these days that it sometimes seems overwhelming, but good use of multiple platforms can get you further toward your business goals.

Optimize Email

With everything we have now to communicate digitally, email is still king in its own right. For many people, it’s the primary way to direct their attention to digital correspondence, and that’s why it’s important to have a good email funnel for review requests. Spend time on this aspect of your outreach, and you’re likely to be significantly rewarded.

Incentivize Reviews

Here’s another top way to get good reviews – provide an incentive. The old phrase “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” is quite relevant here. When you can offer something in return, you’re more likely to get more business firepower in the form of reviews and positive recommendations.

Make Review Requests Deliberate

Here’s another good tip: don’t just shoot from the hip when it comes to asking for reviews. Time your review requests well and make sure that your request makes sense. Ask someone directly after they make a purchase or when they’ve tried out a product or service.

This is another way to optimize what comes in the door regarding positive feedback.

Use Your Website Well

Again, your business website is your core asset.

It’s a place where people come to learn more about your business and where everything can be put under one banner – a one-stop shop for digital interaction. In these days of Web 3.0, a read/write functional web, your website does so much for your business that not investing in modernizing it can be a big mistake!

WebSubstance can help your company to perfect its web footprint – for conversion – and for profit!