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Six Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

How is artificial intelligence important in marketing? – Let’s count the ways…

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the world we live in. From medicine and agriculture to retail, marketing and business administration, AI is giving us better tools to work with.

Here are some of the most exciting ways that AI is contributing in the field of marketing.

Content and Content Curation

You may have heard that “content is king” in marketing – with so much commerce going on over digital channels, buyers want to see information about products and services before making a decision. That’s where thought leadership content comes in.

Artificial intelligence can help marketers understand how to deploy content, and whether content is working as it should. It can even help to craft the actual content for the site. Through sophisticated language learning processes, AI can now compete with your copywriter – but don’t expect it to do as good of a job!

Lead Scoring and Other Tools

AI is also contributing in the realm of lead scoring. In the past, sales people argued incessantly over whether leads were good or not (think Glen Gary, Glen Ross) – but there was no real way to tell. Lead scoring helps to qualify the leads that are out there. Other tools like Net Promoter Scores glean more information about customers and bring it to the business intelligence table to enhance sales and marketing processes.

Recommendation Engines

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That’s a joke – but recommendation engines are everywhere. We see computers telling us what we like when we look up music or make purchases. Recommendation engines are an elegant heuristic model based on artificial intelligence progress – and they’re a great help to marketers everywhere.

The Power of Voice Search

Experts understand that one of the biggest barriers to online sales is simply people typing things in.

Web visitors make mistakes with their keystrokes. They can get confused with a less intuitive interface. Voice search changes all that – it lets you simply buy things by asking for them verbally. When Alexa helps you to buy dishwasher pods, that’s taking away several major barriers to that sale. You don’t have to go to a store or even call on the phone or write a check. You just say you want something, and it’s delivered to your door.

Predictive Analytics

AI is also helping marketers to see the future with their crystal balls.

Actually, it’s a little more technical than that. Predictive analytics are outputs based on past inputs – something that neural networks are extremely good at – so that’s another way AI is pioneering changes in marketing.

User Behavior Driven Events

Here’s one more way that marketers are leveraging the incredible power of AI in today’s business world.

A prime example is shopping cart abandonment. Let’s say a user does about half of the shopping cart purchase, and then stops and leaves the site. Have you lost that customer for good?

Not with sophisticated AI programs that can go after that person and ask them why they failed to follow through on the deal. That’s another high-powered AI tool that benefits from automation in today’s machine learning environment.

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