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Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

Is your business using Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms? If not, you could be missing out. Social media marketing is a huge part of what companies are doing now to develop multi-channel digital campaigns.

Social media started with content sharing and building followers. In the last few years, a lot of e-commerce activity has moved from the search engines to specific social media platforms. That makes it important to reach out to people through these platforms, and have a business presence in order to compete. Much of this has emerged over just the last few years, as the combination of the social media platform and the mobile devices led so many consumers to do everything, from market research to actual check-outs, online. So, if you are in a service industry, or selling a product, or just simply want to engage audience with your web properties and digital assets, social is the new way to go.

Where To Go

When it comes to social media, Facebook possibly beats others. Mark Zuckerberg’s creation continues to outpace all other platforms and deliver massive results to companies in all sorts of industries. Twitter of course its own charms as a micro-blogging platform. And LinkedIn makes more sense for B2B professional services.

Local businesses should develop a Facebook company pages and create posts, links to blogs or otherwise market products and services. They can even launch audience targeted advertising in Facebook. Most of the best digital marketer these days are savvy about things like Facebook Pixel, a tracking technology, and Facebook Open Graph, which can integrate a business web site into the Facebook platform. That’s because Facebook marketing skills are so much in demand, as businesses move into this specific marketing environment.

Needs for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook isn’t extremely complicated. Local businesses need to create the Facebook company pages, blogs and other digital assets. For paid campaigns, they can precisely target their target geographies and audience; Facebook allows multiple ways to target the prospects for a local business, by gender, age group, shopping behavior, income, etc.

WebSubstance helps firms with all aspects of social media marketing. Talk to our Facebook consultants to figure out what strategy you should take to set up ongoing Facebook campaigns. Plan a year-long campaign calendar, with both organic and paid PPC program and more.

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