How AI and Machine Learning Can Change Audience Targeting

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Maybe you’re hearing a lot about machine learning or deep learning, or reading articles about artificial intelligence (AI), and you’re wondering what this really means for business. The rapid progress that the data scientist community is making on machine learning and AI will change the ways that we do business forever — and that’s going […]

It’s All About Pictures

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words — and while things tend to work a little differently on the web, images are still important. It’s true that online text is the meat of what web users interact with. In some ways, photos are just window dressing. But the quality of photos that […]

Three Useful Types of Audience Targeting

Is your business doing a good job of reaching out to specific customers, or just putting out a generic message on the web, hoping that people show up? The idea of tailoring a message to a customer is extremely important today, as businesses do a lot more with valuable business intelligence that they get through […]

Content Marketing for Local Business

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At WebSubstance, we’ve often talked about how valuable good content marketing can be. We know that we want to inject excellent content into the structure of a corporate website. But how does this work? Here are some of the aspects of creating great content that local businesses can use to compete in today’s digital world. […]

Multi-Format Content Marketing for Local Business

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Most local businesses now understand that they need a web site to reach out to customers. But when it comes to what to publish on the website, some companies are still confused. There is a sort of generic setup that you could refer to as “Web 1.0” — it’s a landing page with a menu […]

Content Quality Matters – Investing in Original Marketing Materials

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Take any market or industry, and go through the web looking at a collection of company web sites. You’ll almost always find a wide spectrum of efforts — while some companies will put a lot of value into their web footprints, others will not. This online investment is a big part of what separates the […]

Mobile Site Optimization Guide

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We live online, or should we say, we live mobile. Our smartphone has become our go-to-assistant for a lot of our daily tasks: texting, emailing, calling or social networking. When your business invests in mobile, it is investing in reaching a big audience — with so many Americans and others around the world now carrying […]

Digital Marketing for Local Biz | What Works?

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Local small businesses can really profit from good digital marketing. E-commerce may have started with large shopping portals and mega chains, but it’s making its way to Main Street. Nowadays, so much of what people buy gets bought over the web that small businesses almost have to invest in good digital marketing to survive. Customers […]

PPC for Local Business – Why Is It So Effective?

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While many businesses take advantage of a diverse online marketing approach, some of them ignore some of the biggest opportunities for multi-channel web marketing. One of the most basic examples is relying heavily on SEO and organic search marketing without including pay per click marketing or PPC. PPC can really augment the results that you […]

Content Marketing: Time to Go Beyond Blog

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Quite a few companies in many industries are realizing that a blog does a lot for a business. It’s a kind of steady marketing addition that provides a stream of page views from interested users, whether they’re on laptop or desktop computers or mobile phones. Blogs are a way of creating a great conversation with […]