What Do You Do?

Robot looking over a fence

It’s a question that individual people ask each other at dinner parties, on the street or in any kind of informal meeting. But it’s also something that web visitors ask companies every time they go online and eventually end up on a landing page. People want to know what your business is about. From the […]

Three Useful Types of Audience Targeting

Is your business doing a good job of reaching out to specific customers, or just putting out a generic message on the web, hoping that people show up? The idea of tailoring a message to a customer is extremely important today, as businesses do a lot more with valuable business intelligence that they get through […]

Multi-Format Content Marketing for Local Business

Robot with multi-format content marketing

Most local businesses now understand that they need a web site to reach out to customers. But when it comes to what to publish on the website, some companies are still confused. There is a sort of generic setup that you could refer to as “Web 1.0” — it’s a landing page with a menu […]