Hyperlocal PPC Campaigns: And Why Your Company Needs One

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The most forward-thinking companies in all industries are getting into hyperlocal PPC and SEO campaigns. That’s because some of the newest search engine algorithms and digital marketing trends support the idea that hyperlocal strategy is going to get results! The hyperlocal marketing strategy replaces a broader-based traditional pattern of marketing to a wider geographic area. […]

Local SEO for Achieving Your Business Goal

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How do you make sure that you’re reaching your goals in online engagement? How do you fine-tune your outreach to customers who are using computers and smartphones to research businesses and make purchases? One of the biggest elements in modern marketing methods is local SEO. Local search engine optimization is a modern version of the […]

1031 Exchange Responsive Website Design

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1031exc.com Work and features: Responsive layout (optimized layout for tablet and smartphones) Ability for owner to easyli modify their web content Contact form with questionnaire Gallery of images Searchable site Technical words linked to definition with popup

Why Local Businesses Can No More Ignore Mobile-Friendly Sites

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The news is in from business publications, studies and marketing departments around the world. Mobile has taken over. For a growing number of businesses, it’s not whether to initiate vibrant mobile-friendly campaigns. It’s when, and how. Companies are jumping on the bandwagon, not just because it’s an attractive trend, but because more and more of […]

Renovate Your Customer Journey – Enhance Your Customer Experience

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Professional Web designers understand that one web site is not just like another — but businesses often leave too much to chance when building their sites, and they don’t understand that some design changes can make a big difference in final results. Yes, you have a website. Yes, people can navigate there with a mouse […]

Are You In Control Of Your Web Project?

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Are You In Control Of Your Web Project? Before going forward with any kind of web site creation, expansion or renovation, businesses should always understand the details of a web design or web hosting contract. Without this kind of due diligence, planners can get some very unpleasant surprises along the way. One of the biggest […]

Increase Web Traffic with a Blog

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Want to add one of the first critical ingredients to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web visibility success? Make sure your web project has a blog. That’s right, one of the first primitive efforts at online content distribution is now a major part of almost any corporate web site across many different industries. Why? Because […]

Keep Refreshing Your Site All Year Round

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Lots of us have had that heavy feeling – sitting around the holiday dinner table. You’ve simply eaten too much. You feel like you can’t take another bite – or another step. You’re done for the day. Time to go crawl into bed. The Internet can be like that. Dense sites with too much topical […]

Is There A Buzz?


The Internet is like a beehive — activity coalesces around shared goals and interests. Build a site that appeals to common interests, and you’ll build organic readership that’s going to trump anything that your SEO team can dream up. Traditional Search Engine Optimization As the Internet has evolved, companies have tried all kinds of things […]

Are Your Logos ‘Responsive?’


Lots of us have got the memo about responsive web design and making sure controls are user-friendly, but not as many sites have great text. Top-level logos can benefit from some extra TLC, like stretching them into creative shapes, etc. That really draws the reader’s eye and makes a site stand out in the herd. […]