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The Importance of FAQs on a Company Website

The Importance of FAQs on a Company Website

 To be, or not to be, that is a frequent question …Verily, a page of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or FAQs is oft included as a component of a commendable website. Forsooth! Prithee, allow me to phrase that anew:

A frequently asked questions page or FAQ page is often a part of a good website.

Companies are putting more work into maintaining sophisticated websites, to draw in Internet users as part of inbound marketing communications. This has to do with a variety of trends, including a move toward multichannel marketing.

The FAQ plays a significant role. Here are four reasons why people like to see an FAQ page attached to a landing page.


The FAQ page helps to place a business in its context. Some of the details in the answers that are provided will go into how the business works – how it sells products and services, and how it stacks up to competitors.

This is all valuable information for readers.

A Road Map

One of the most common reasons people love FAQs is that it gives them a way to quickly get oriented to how to use a business website, and other business processes.

In other words, by navigating to the FAQ, people can easily see what to expect if they buy something. They can figure out how that transaction works, and what their options are. They can find out more about how other people have bought products or services from the business in the past.

This kind of guidance is really important for customers. Again, it’s less a part of an outbound sales funnel, and more a part of inbound marketing, but it’s something companies should think hard about as they design websites.

Boost Your Organic SEO

Here’s another reason to have a good FAQ page on your website.

Companies are obsessed with SEO or search optimization results that will allow them to gain rankings in Google. But the content in an FAQ is likely to have a lot of well-targeted organic SEO keywords that will help the site to rank. So that’s another reason to include this resource for users!

Demonstrate Thought Authority

Going along with the idea that the FAQ builds out context, it also presents the company as a thought authority in its field. Reading the FAQ, people will see that the company has done its homework in figuring out how sales is supposed to work, and how the business plan is supposed to unfold.

So as the FAQ page gives readers information about the business itself, it also gives them information about what management values and prioritizes.

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