Robot playing guitar

Think About a Visual Marketing Strategy

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Here’s a relatively new take on a trend that’s been going on within business marketing for quite a while – something we’ve seen customers flock to as they start to understand how important it is to be dynamic and change up the company’s web footprint over time.

If you’re paying attention in the industry, you’ve probably heard a lot about mobile-friendly and responsive design, or mobile-first philosophies. Yes, customers are moving from traditional laptop and desktop computers to smartphone devices. So, the screen is smaller – and you have to accommodate your message and content into that.

But that’s only part of what companies are doing to further refine their presence on the Internet and get more attention and visibility, building better branding and engagement into their strategies.

The “Iconic” Approach

One important aspect of responsive design involves replacing complicated or intricate setups with simplified, streamlined designs.

For instance, a responsive icon, in mobile-first parlance, means that you take some of the larger icons that you’ve seen on laptop and desktop screens and make them into very simple small shapes that a smartphone user can see.

Here’s the thing – if you take this approach even further, you start to realize that a lot of those text hyperlinks and control buttons and other complicated parts of your website can be replaced with simple pictures.

In many cases, with appropriate design, pictures scale well – they may scale much better than a text hyperlink or some other choice. But that’s just one reason to use this option to renovate your site.

The Visual Revolution

Educators like to ask people whether they’re “visual learners” – but in a way, all of us are visual learners.

We respond to images and graphics. We intuitively understand what they mean. We don’t have to read to see that picture of a cat’s face is just that – a representation of a cat. We can even tell what breed or type of cat is, without a webmaster telling us.

In fact, the cat is probably an apt example, because of how we are pioneering artificial intelligence to start to understand images the way that humans do. There are many reasons why image processing is on the forefront of machine learning and AI, but one reason is because it’s so effective to the human brain. We just understand images well.

It stands to reason that if you apply that approach to a website, you get a new and improved result. You can use A/B testing or multivariate testing to check what images are working better.

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