What Do You Have to Sell?

No matter what kind of company you are working for, or who you represent, everyone creating a web site has something they want to sell.

Sometimes it’s a set of physical products — the manufacturer, distributor or retailer will have fancy new gear that they want to show off to a target audience. Other times, the question of what’s being sold is more abstract — there’s a set of objectives, a particular kind of messaging, or a core concept that a company wants to put forward. Service companies do this all the time — they try to characterize what they do for their clientele and make that a centerpiece of their web site.

Creating a Thesis Statement for a Web Site

Because business strategies are sometimes complex, there are core philosophies that IT people and web designers use to make sure a site is accurate. One of these involves creating a ‘thesis statement,’ a central idea that the web site will flow around. For example, for product sites, there may be a lot more focus on particular images of the newest product line, along with items like technical sidebars on specifications, or brilliantly laid out text blocks showing how these products are the best in their industry. What’s at the center of this is a core statement or goal that the designers build from.

Adding Image and Text

When building out from the core idea and plugging in visuals and text, designers take care to keep everything relevant and optimized for a web audience. For example, rather than using generic stock images for a page, smart designers will use images that truly show the values that the client wants. They look at not just what the image should be, but where it should go. The same holds true for all of that messaging that gets added to the pages in various shapes and sizes — the typography and the layout make a big difference in final results.

Looking from the Customer’s Eyes

The best web designers keep assessing pages and sites as they build them, looking at them from the perspective of the end user. They make an attempt to see what others will see when they load up a site. That helps in designing the most effective landing pages, product pages and other parts of the site that help with that vital goal — to sell what you need to sell.

Working with WebSubstance

At WebSubstance, we’re dedicated to always building sites that provide value for our customers. Our teams are experienced in doing that specific layout and composition that supports an effective site. We’re used to doing in-depth analysis, and putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, to build targeted content that will fit on a page and really welcome and accommodate audiences.

Anyone can build a web site, but it takes a skilled professional to really make the results look good and reach out to people who visit the URL or web address. Ask us about how we can build from that essential core, and help with extras like photography and search engine optimization.